How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath - Fast!

Learn how to banish garlic breath with these effective tips and tricks for freshening up after enjoying your favorite garlicky dishes.


4/19/20242 min read

woman in black tank top
woman in black tank top

Garlic, with its distinctive flavor and numerous health benefits, is a beloved ingredient in cuisines around the world. However, one downside of enjoying garlic-rich dishes is the dreaded garlic breath that often lingers long after the meal. If you've ever found yourself self-conscious about your breath after indulging in garlic, fear not! In this comprehensive guide covering how to get rid of garlic breath, we'll explore the causes of garlic breath and share effective strategies for banishing it fast.

What Causes Garlic Breath?

Garlic breath is primarily caused by sulfur-containing compounds, such as allyl methyl sulfide, released during the digestion process. These compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream and eventually expelled through the lungs and pores, leading to the characteristic odor associated with garlic breath.

Did you know that the garlic smell won’t just come out on your breath? After touching or consuming garlic, your skin (and even your feet) might release that garlic odor. This is great for garlic lovers but not so much if you have an important meeting to attend!

How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath Fast

Fortunately, there are several tried-and-true methods for quickly neutralizing garlic breath:

  • Brushing your teeth and tongue thoroughly with toothpaste and a toothbrush can help remove garlic residue from your mouth.

  • Using mouthwash or chewing sugar-free gum (our recommendation is Spearmint Extra) can temporarily mask garlic odors and freshen your breath.

  • Eating foods with strong flavors, such as mint, parsley, or citrus fruits, can help neutralize garlic odors and leave your breath smelling fresher.

Best Foods for Cleansing Your Breath

In addition to temporarily masking garlic breath, certain foods can help neutralize odors and freshen your breath from within. Incorporate these foods into your post-garlic meal to combat garlic breath:

  • Fresh herbs like parsley, mint, and cilantro contain chlorophyll, which has deodorizing properties that can help neutralize garlic odors.

  • Citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and orange contain high levels of citric acid, which can help neutralize odors and stimulate saliva production, aiding in oral hygiene.

How to Eat Garlic Without Getting Bad Breath

Enjoying the flavor and health benefits of garlic doesn't have to mean suffering from lingering bad breath. Follow these tips to minimize garlic breath:

  • Cook garlic thoroughly to mellow its flavor and reduce its impact on your breath. Confit garlic is a great way to eat garlic without getting that pongy garlic breath.

  • Chew on fresh parsley, mint, or citrus fruits after consuming garlic to help neutralize odors and freshen your breath.


How to get rid of garlic breath instantly?

To instantly freshen your breath after consuming garlic, try chewing on fresh parsley, mint leaves, or citrus fruits like lemon or orange slices.

How to get rid of garlic breath overnight?

To minimize garlic breath overnight, brush your teeth and tongue thoroughly before bed, use mouthwash, and avoid consuming additional garlic or strongly flavored foods before sleeping.

How to stop fingers smelling like garlic?

To remove the smell of garlic from your fingers, rub them with stainless steel under cold running water, or use lemon juice or toothpaste to neutralize the odor.